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So…You Want a Viral Video
02 Aug 2017

So…You Want a Viral Video

I can’t tell you how often I hear a business owners say “I want a viral video.” I want a house hippo and a monkey, but my husband has instituted a rule about pets with opposable thumbs in our house, so the monkey is out, but that’s okay, house hippos are way cuter!

Yes, I do know that house hippos aren’t real, as sad as that is, but you’re in luck, viral videos are! And the steps to getting one aren’t as
illusive as you might think. They’re actually pretty straight forward when you know what you have to do.
It’s putting them together in the right way that’s the trick.

As boring as it might sound, you actually have to know your target audience. And you have to go way beyond the regular old blah, blah, blah of the simple demographics. There’s a lot more to me than just my age range, which annoyingly keeps changing to a new demographic sector. I’m sure you’ll agree, unless you’re a teenager, in which case you know
it all anyway, and you don’t need to read further. (I have three 17-year-olds, I know what I’m talking about.)
Getting to know your target audience means you actually have to understand what makes them tick. It’s really no different than going to a party all by yourself, and desperately trying to find someone in the room you can connect with, so you don’t feel so out of place. There are things you look for when you’re trying to find a new friend, and that usually starts with similarities in what you value. Which is exactly what happened to the four guys who started Chubbies, they bonded over their love for shorts. And they spread that love to other shorts-loving guys across the US.

Their main target audience is fraternities – those “bro-friendly” weekend warriors, who don’t need pants where they’re going.

All of their content, including their videos, support their style. So, if that suits your style, Chubbies are going to appeal to you in a big way.

It also doesn’t hurt to be amusing….

My friend said that onions are the only fruit or vegetable that can make you cry…so I threw a coconut in his face.

Makes me laugh every time. I kill myself. Anyhoo….

Humour definitely applies to viral videos. In fact, amusement is one of five emotions that people will actively share more often, and sharing is, of course, the necessary component to make a video go viral. Psy’s Gangnam Style, is the perfect example.
This hilarious video, poking fun at South Korea’s consumerism, has over TWO BILLION views.
In its prime, it was getting over 2000 views a minute. Insanity! And shows how an amusing video, no matter what part of the world it comes from, can corner the viral video market.

Now it’s all well and good to have something amusing to share, but you also have to have quality to back it up. (I am sure there are few jokes I can make here…but this is a business page people!!!)

Seriously though, if you get a bunch of attention with a viral video, and you have a crappy product or service, nothing will tank your business faster. So make sure you put your money where your mouth is, and deliver excellence. Which is what
Dollar Shave Club did with their products and their very first video.

They targeted 20-something meterosexuals and hit a home run. The video went viral, gaining them 12000 customers in their first two days of business. Pretty darn sweet. And they built the business up so well that they were acquired by Unilever for $1billion CASH! Even sweeter!

So what are the viral video lessons to take away?

  1. Know your people
  2. Be amusing
  3. Give quality
PS. These are pretty good life lessons too!

PPS. If you get a line on any house hippos, send them to:

Andrea Jones, COO(L)

BottomLine Marketing

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