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Whether it's Calgary web development or design, print, traditional media, or internet marketing, we hit the bullseye every time with marketing that creates IMPACT.

Yes, we want to help you stand outside the box. We also want you to know exactly why you're standing there.

After our Impact Assessment you will clearly see why you are where you are in the market, and will know what you have to do to make a real impact in your niche. We look at every aspect of your company to determine how it's functioning on every level. That includes your business goals and your marketing goals, as well as an analysis of your competitors and your clients.

In other words, we uncover what makes your company tick and how you can capitalize on it to fully impact your business and your niche.

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When you know exactly what makes you different it becomes much easier to get all eyes on you and create real impact!

Having the information about your company isn't enough on its own. How you use it makes all the difference when it comes to building your success. That's where our Impact Strategy comes in. We use it to uncover missed opportunities and take advantage of them to produce measureable gains for your company. We ensure every marketing initiative we launch for your company is fully cohesive with your business goals, on target with your brand, and aimed at exactly the right people, so we advance your business and establish the success you really want.

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With the right strategy in place, it's time to put it to work for you!

The Execution of the Strategy is every bit as important as the Strategy itself. We develop exactly the right tactics to launch your marketing plan. That includes the proper platforms to support your business, appropriate formats to engage clients, and everything that must be done to get the coveted click, and of course, all that comes after that click too. It's done in exact detail to build your credibility, get more leads and improve your results.

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Once the plan is launched, you have to know how it's really doing.

Measurement is the key! That is the only way you will know if the marketing effort you make are truly forging new relationships and bringing new clients in the door. We carefully measure every part of the marketing initiatives and we continually analyse, adapt and refine to get even better results for your business. At BottomLine, your results are our priority and we deliver the success you really want.

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